How to generate an HTML sitemap

How to generate an HTML sitemap

What is a sitemap?

"Sitemap is a type of file which consists of a huge number of URLs or LINKS of all web pages of your website."

Working of a sitemap:

Work of a sitemap is to provide a file of URLs of all pages of your website for Google and other search engines. In this manner, a user can easily navigate to a website through Google search engine or other search engines. Another work of a sitemap is to collect information about frequently changes of web content from website and provide it to search engine. A sitemap file tells search engines to crawl specific pages of your website, images of your website and also videos.

Different types of sitemap:

There are two main types of a sitemap which will be explained briefly as you read further:

HTML sitemap:

HTML sitemap is a file with .html extension containing all or specific URLs of your website, it is created by coding HTML language. It contains small to large number of URLs of entire pages of a website. An HTML sitemap provide user an effective and easy navigation towards a website. By adding HTML sitemap to your website, search engines can crawl to your website easily.

XML sitemap:

XML sitemap is another type of sitemap file which contains list of different URLs of a website. It is created in XML coding language. Using XML sitemap, Google Crawler fetches updated content of a website on daily or weekly basis. One other benefit of this sitemap is to provide information of frequently changes on a webpage of a website to search engines.

Information about HTML sitemap:

As we mentioned above that HTML sitemap is a type of file which contains a number of URLs of various web pages. Through this sitemap search engines can crawl to a website in a best way. An admin of a website makes an HTML sitemap and submits its URL to Google search engine or any other search engine. HTML sitemap gives awareness of every single page of website to search engines. In this manner search engine provides particular content to the user by using this sitemap, if a website is recently launched and it contains unique content. If it has few URLs and if it has a lot of that content which is not properly well linked, then in that situation creating HTML sitemap will be helpful for a website. HTML sitemap is automatically created for websites built with WordPress CMS.

Why should I generate HTML sitemap?

There are many reasons on basis of which it is necessary to generate an HTML sitemap for your website:

  • The first reason to generate an HTML sitemap is to provide unique and effective content to the visitors of your website.
  • The second main reason to generate an HTML sitemap is that, if you generate a sitemap and submit it to Google search or any other search engine then search engines will easily crawl your website, in this way a visitor can get proper navigation (hierarchy) of your website and through this sitemap website rank will also improve.
  • The third excellent reason to generate an HTML sitemap is to help SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website.

How to generate HTML sitemap:

There are many online tools which provide you service to generate a sitemap. Among them RESPONSIVECHECKER is one of the best website of various online tools, which gives you best way to generate different sitemaps, an HTML sitemap is one of them. It gives you a best helping tools, just try it now, the link of a sitemap generator is given here.

In this article, we will explain you how to use RESPONSIVECHECKER's HTML sitemap generator, we will also tell you that how to generate an effective and excellent HTML sitemap on RESPONSIVECHECKER.


Here, we are showing you the method of using a sitemap generator on RESPONSIVECHECKER website, for that few steps are given below:

Generate HTML Sitemap Online for Free


First, go to the RESPONSIVECHECKER'S website.

After the website is loaded, please navigate to Online Tools > Generators > HTML Sitemap Generator from main menu (main navigation).


You are now viewing RESPONSIVECHECKER's HTML Sitemap Generator. In this page you will see two text fields. One is of SCHEME and another text field is of URL or domain. There are two options for SCHEME text field. You will have to select any one of them. Then enter your website's URL in the URL or domain text field. After that press the “Generate HTML Sitemap” button, this will take few seconds to few minutes depending on the number of web pages in your website. After this completes your request successfully, it will generate beautified HTML Sitemap of your website, which will not require any further HTML coding from your end.

Different formats of an HTML sitemap generated by RESPONSIVE CHECKER:

There could be many formats of an HTML sitemap, depending on the structure of HTML coding of your website. RESPONSIVECHECKER's HTML Sitemap Generator will generate your HTML Sitemap in four different styles for your easiness. If your website has different layout/structure/HTML code, then you are free to modify the final HTML code of the sitemap generated by RESPONSIVECHECKER. The four styles of HTML sitemap are mentioned below. Also, for your easiness, the final HTML Sitemap file with .html extension will consists of all four formats/styles. You can choose of one of those four formats, and delete remaining three formats in order to save from duplicate links/URLs in your HTML Sitemap. One more thing to note here is that, the HTML Sitemap file generated by RESPONSIVECHECKER's tool will only consists of links of web pages, and not the header and footer of your website, you will either have to add header and footer manually to the sitemap file or you can also take HTML code from sitemap file and integrate in the existing web page of your website. The four formats/styles are listed below:

  1. <ul><li><a>page title 1</a></li> .... <li><a>page title 2</a></li></ul> based.
  2. <ol><li><a>page title 1</a></li> .... <li><a>page title 2</a></li></ol> based.
  3. <div><p><a>page title 1</a></li> .... <li><a>page title 2</a></p></div> based.
  4. <p><a>page title 1</a><br /> .... <a>page title 2</a><br /></p> based.

An HTML Sitemap generator on RESPONSIVECHECKER website generates an HTML sitemap in above four formats. You can generate an HTML sitemap from RESPONSIVECHECKER in any format which you want. In short you can get that format which suits on your website by using this online sitemap generator tool.

Benefits of HTML sitemap:

There are many benefits of generating an HTML sitemap. Some of them are as follows:

  • An HTML sitemap is a better way to guide visitors of your website.
  • An HTML sitemap is also an excellent source for Google Search Console or for any other search engine to make themselves aware of the web pages on your website.
  • By generating an HTML sitemap you can tell search engines about all of your web pages including those which you miss in your XML Sitemap.
  • All search engines will crawl your website in better way through an HTML sitemap.
  • Generation of an HTML sitemap will be helpful to your website. For example, if you missed any link of sub web page on your website, then Google will not be able to crawl with the sub pages of your website, in this way your website rank will be down. To escape from this difficulty, an HTML sitemap is a best way.
  • Another benefit of an HTML sitemap is the good impression. For example, if your website has an HTML sitemap then it will give an excellent impression to search engines, as having an HTML sitemap is considered and included in the basic structure of a website.


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