About Us

We are a team of designers/developers. We have designed and developed hundreds of websites for our clients.

Most of our designed websites are responsive. While we design and code a website, we always wanted to check if our product is perfectly mobile friendly or not. For this, we always use browser's in-built features like from Google's Chrome and Mozilla's FireFox. But these browsers have limited resolutions. Then we also use online websites to check our design's responsiveness. But our different clients have different mobile phones hence different screen sizes. So we decided to build an online responsive checker tool which give us, and whole world, the option to select number of mobile phones and render website to see how that website look on that specific mobile phone. And here we are!

Our Team

Ali Nawaz

Ali Nawaz
Web Developer

Ali Nawaz is a professional web developer. His major skills include PHP, MySQL, Larave, and Magento.

Syed Arsalan Qamar

Syed Arsalan Qamar
Web Designer

Syed Arsalan Qamar is a professional web designer. His major skills are PhotoShop Designing, HTML Coding, and Responsive Website.

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