What is a responsive website and why it is necessary?

Responsive Web Design is not a trend – it’s the next stage of web design as we know it. From the novice blogger to the hard-nose web programmer, it is an essential to test how responsive your website design is. Basically its simple math; when you are testing how responsive your website really is, that makes your website easier to access which will increase interactions and response – which can only be good news! If your website can translate efficiently across all your audiences’ toys – from the laptop to their hand phone – that will mean they will always have you... Read More

How to make your website responsive or mobile friendly?

With such a large number of individuals on the planet utilizing cell phones to surf the web, increasingly website admins are searching for routes in which they can make their sites versatile benevolent. This as a rule implies changing their locales for the littler screen measure found on such gadgets, either by giving a different page that can be seen easily there, or, all the more normally, making their sites naturally adjust by contracting things and moving stuff around. The last strategy, regularly alluded to as \"responsive website composition\", is portrayed in this instructional exercise arrangement. Requirements Since this instructional exercise manages the... Read More

What is Google Sitemap and how to generate it?

What is a sitemap? A sitemap is an XML file contains links of a website's URLs. Sitemap is used to tell search engines that these URLs exist on your website, and you want to crawl them and to appear them in search engines. It also allows website owners or webmasters to add additional information with each URL of their website in sitemap including lastmod, changefreq, and priority, where lastmod tells search engines that when that particular resource/file/data URI was modified on server, changefreq tells search engine that how frequently the resource content will change on the server, possible values for changefreq include... Read More

How to download free YouTube videos

Reasons to download YouTube videos: We know that YouTube is a huge platform of free videos, which gives us entertainment, benefits, knowledge, and much more value against its videos. But there are many difficulties, many users face while watching YouTube video, for example: Long buffering Interruption of internet connection Poor coverage of Wifi Deletion of videos from YouTube platform In this blog article, we will tell you how to download YouTube videos legally and ethically by YouTube downloader. So you will be able to watch your favorite video in HD (high definition) quality at the later time whenever you want. Can I download YouTube videos to my personal... Read More

How to generate an HTML sitemap

What is a sitemap? \"Sitemap is a type of file which consists of a huge number of URLs or LINKS of all web pages of your website.\" Working of a sitemap: Work of a sitemap is to provide a file of URLs of all pages of your website for Google and other search engines. In this manner, a user can easily navigate to a website through Google search engine or other search engines. Another work of a sitemap is to collect information about frequently changes of web content from website and provide it to search engine. A sitemap file tells search engines to... Read More