Best JSON formatter and JSON validator

What is JSON? JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. JSON is a lightweight and data interchange format which is used to change the content into readable and writeable formats for humans. The JSON formatter formats the given JSON string into the formatted form with different colors. It has also colored format. JSON string output can be understood and can be read easily by human or by a machine. The formatted string of JSON is based on different colors as well as on readable content. JSON is a simple and beneficial format that is widely used in the word of technology. Many social... Read More

Test your website on different mobile phones

What is a mobile friendly website? It is a type of website which displays properly and perfectly on small screen devices such as: Android phones, iPhones, iPads, tablets, mini laptops etc. A mobile friendly website has many features like, it loads faster than non-mobile friendly website as many irrelevant sections are being hidden. A user can easily read the content on a mobile friendly website and can easily use its functions without even zooming in. What is a website test on any device? A process in which a user test his/her website on different mobile phones and on other devices such as LAPTOP, MINI LAPTOP,... Read More

How to generate an HTML sitemap

What is a sitemap? "Sitemap is a type of file which consists of a huge number of URLs or LINKS of all web pages of your website." Working of a sitemap: Work of a sitemap is to provide a file of URLs of all pages of your website for Google and other search engines. In this manner, a user can easily navigate to a website through Google search engine or other search engines. Another work of a sitemap is to collect information about frequently changes of web content from website and provide it to search engine. A sitemap file tells search engines to... Read More

How to download free YouTube videos

Reasons to download YouTube videos: We know that YouTube is a huge platform of free videos, which gives us entertainment, benefits, knowledge, and much more value against its videos. But there are many difficulties, many users face while watching YouTube video, for example: Long buffering Interruption of internet connection Poor coverage of Wifi Deletion of videos from YouTube platform In this blog article, we will tell you how to download YouTube videos legally and ethically by YouTube downloader. So you will be able to watch your favorite video in HD (high definition) quality at the later time whenever you want. Can I download YouTube videos to my personal... Read More

What is Google Sitemap and how to generate it?

What is a sitemap? A sitemap is an XML file contains links of a website's URLs. Sitemap is used to tell search engines that these URLs exist on your website, and you want to crawl them and to appear them in search engines. It also allows website owners or webmasters to add additional information with each URL of their website in sitemap including lastmod, changefreq, and priority, where lastmod tells search engines that when that particular resource/file/data URI was modified on server, changefreq tells search engine that how frequently the resource content will change on the server, possible values for changefreq include... Read More