Best JSON formatter and JSON validator

Best JSON formatter and JSON validator

What is JSON?

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. JSON is a lightweight and data interchange format which is used to change the content into readable and writeable formats for humans. The JSON formatter formats the given JSON string into the formatted form with different colors. It has also colored format. JSON string output can be understood and can be read easily by human or by a machine. The formatted string of JSON is based on different colors as well as on readable content. JSON is a simple and beneficial format that is widely used in the word of technology. Many social networks have JSON-based APIs, such as FaceBook, twitter, flicker and much more. In short, JSON has a great significance in the world of technology as well as in the life of a developer.

An example of JSON is given below, which will help to understand JSON properly:

An example of JSON:

  "first_name": "Rajeev",
  "last_name": "Sharma",
  "email_address": "",
  "is_alive": true,
  "age": 30,
  "height_cm": 185.2,
  "billing_address": {
    "address": "502, Main Market, Evershine City, Evershine, Vasai East",
    "city": "Vasai Raod, Palghar",
    "state": "Maharashtra",
    "postal_code": "401208"
  "shipping_address": {
    "address": "Ezeelive Technologies, A-4, Stattion Road, Oripada, Dahisar East",
    "city": "Mumbai",
    "state": "Maharashtra",
    "postal_code": "400058"
  "phone_numbers": [
   "type": "home",
   "number": "9975666694"
   "type": "office",
   "number": "9822117730"
 "date_of_birth": null

Basic elements of JSON:

JSON consists of a few basic elements. These elements can be used also in JavaScript. The elements are given below:

Objects, the opening and closing of objects are done with the curly brackets. ({})

Object Members are based on strings and values which are separated by commas. (,)

Arrays, the opening and closing of arrays are also done by the curly brackets. ({}) it contains different values.

Values, a value can be a string, can be an object, an array, or the literals.

Strings are quoted by double quotes (“ ”) and contain Unicode colon (:), members and values are separated by commas (,)

What is the extension of JSON?

JavaScript Object Notation is a file format that is used to transmit any string into readable form. The extension of JSON is “.json”. It interchanges the text material into human readable form, from a non-readable text.

How does JSON formatter work?

We have explained the JSON and its significance that how is JSON important in the field of technology. Now, in this blog article, we are going to define the working of JSON. Here, we are going to show you that how does JSON format work and what are its advantages. We will also try to show you the method that how to find an excellent and free online JSON formatter easily, that will definitely provide you a superior service and desired result.

Basically, the work of JSON is to parse and interchange the given string into readable form, form a non-readable content. For example, an application fetches the data of users in one line that is so difficult to read and painful to understand, in many cases, there is no possibility to read and understand such type of data that is too longer. In such situations, the JSON definitely helps you. It overcomes your difficulty in a proper manner. Now, JSON formatter converts the given JSON string data from one line to the readable format, as an example of JSON formatted data is given above.

How to find an excellent JSON formatter?

As we mentioned above that JSON has a great significance, on the behalf of this statement, there is a large number of websites in the world of technology which have many online formatters. JSON formatter is one of them, which are now widely used in the field of technology because it is too faster and helpful. Among such websites, there are few websites that provide, a superior service and gives the desired response.

Here, we are introducing a website from which you will be able to find the best JSON formatter which works properly and fastly and you will get the desired result within seconds. Among such websites, RESPONSIVECHECKER.NET is one of the best websites of online tools where you can easily get the JSON formatter. Here, in this blog, we are showing you the process to get the JSON formatter easily. Just follow the given instructions properly and you will get the best JSON formatter quickly to overcome your difficulty in your work. The instructions are given below:


A short and simple process to get and use JSON formatter is given below, just follow the given instructions, you will be definitely able to get benefit from this online tool, which is free and easy to use. The method to get free online JSON formatter is shown below in different steps, just follow the given steps:

Step # 1:

Go to the URL

Step # 2:

As we have shown above the best JSON formatter, now we are going to tell you the usage of this excellent online JSON formatter that is free of cost for everyone.

On the subpage of JSON formatter you will see a little description about JSON on the top, after that, you could see a text field. Below the text field, you would see two buttons, one is “FORMAT JSON” and another one is “RESET”.

Use of JSON formatter is so simple, just put the raw JSON data string into the text box and press the button FORMAT JSON, and you will get your desired result within seconds i.e. formatter JSON data. Your content will be formatted. This formatted content will be seen in a sequence that could be understood easily. One other thing that is important to define here that the formatted content will be in different colors, which will be easy to understand and simple to read.

What is JSON API and JSON Database?


JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is an easy way to exchange the data string from a non-readable and difficult form into the human readable and machine readable format. We are using daily, a lot of services in our life such as Twitter, FaceBook etc. These social networks have JSON based APIs. Twitter, FaceBook and such types of social services send back all the data of users in JSON format, that can be read and understand easily.

JSON Database:

JavaScript Object Notation is a human and machine readable standard that interchanges the data string into the simple and understood content with formatting. JSON is the main source to interchange the data string on the modern web along with XML. JSON supports all types of basic data such as arrays, hashes, string, numbers as well as Boolean values.

Benefits of JSON:

JSON has many positive points. Few of them are described below:

  • Faster execution of data: JSON is faster just because of its text format that’s why provides the faster execution of data.
  • Easy to use: As JSON is small and it has text format that is why it can be used easily.
  • Light weighted: The syntax of JSON is small and light weighted that is why it gives the faster response from the application server.
  • Parsing of data: The parsing of data should be faster, then, a user could get the fast response; in this case use of JSON is the best way for data parsing.
  • Fast response to the user: As the JSON is faster and it gives faster result too, it is small and text format. When the application server responds, the data into JSON format, then the application server gives the fast result to the user.
  • Easy data transferring: JSON is simple text and it is suitable and safe for transferring data across servers and operating systems.
  • Text format: JSON is text format so it can be edited and displayed easily in any text editor like notepad, notepad++, Sublime Text, etc.
  • Language independent: JSON is language independent format. Many programming languages include code to generate and parse JSON formatted data. It can be run everywhere because it is built in text format.
  • Human readable: As JSON is text format so it is also human-readable. The data string of JSON can be read and understand easily that is why it is called human readable format.
  • Colorful string: The data string of JSON is in a colored format that could be understood easily by using any online JSON formatter tool.
  • Self-describing: JSON is self-describing. The syntax and hierarchical structure of the JSON strings can in some cases be interpreted by applications that do not already know what data to expect.
  • JSON is compact: JSON is compact. An average JSON string is about two thirds 2/3 of the size of the same data in XML.
  • Storing data: The JSON stores data in Arrays and it makes the transferring of data easier, that’s the reason on which the JSON is called the best syntax of sharing data.


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