Encoders & Decoders

List of Encoders & Decoders Tools - URL, File, Base64, Image Data Encoder & Decoder

List of Encoders & Decoders

URL Encoder & Decoder

URL Encoder & Decoder encodes/decodes URL from given string. This tool encodes/decodes multiple URLs simultaneously.
We use PHP urlencode() and PHP urldecode() for the implementation.
Output is always an encoded aur decoded URL string.

Base64 Encoder & Decoder

Base64 is two way encryption methodology, encrypted data could also be decrypted to its original value. Also Base64 should not be used for hashing purpose like hasing passwords or alike data, as the encrypted data could easily be decrypted. Our Base64 Encoder & Decoder encodes/decodes string content, content from given URL and any file or image etc. We use PHP base64_encode() and PHP base64_decode() for the implementation.

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